Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (november)

1 BTC = $7,822.88

Total mining after 666days:  5.47642 BTC

Mining since last update (13. october 2017): 0,08209 BTC (=642 USD)

I still have 3.000 Clubcoins which I received as a welcome gift.  I payed 3500 USD to start mining, but they gave me free coins which are now worth 6.500 USD. 😀

1 Clubcoin = 2,18 USD

And soon they lunch coinpay, which could boost the clubcoin even more. Also I received CoinPay Tokens for free. So you don’t only earn with mining, but you sometimes get nice gifts with a lot of future potential.

Start mining now with bitclubnetwork. You can join Bitclubnetwork here.

Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (october)


1 BTC = 5,591 USD 🙂

On 2. February 2017 I made a post: Bitcoin reaches 1.000 USD mark and now 8 months later we are at 5.591 USD.

Total earnings after 631 days: 5,39433 BTC


Full shares in each pool (=1,0000) still run 369 days. But with reinvest I will still mine after those 369 days. In mining pool #1 I already have more than 1,0000 new shares (in total 2,2753) and in the two others I should easily reach more than 1 new share.


Start mining now with bitclubnetwork. You can join Bitclubnetwork here.


Online Betting Market in Indonesia

As it is cited by Manbetx taken from Washington Post, The development of the online soccer gambling market in Indonesia is quite surprising. Protected rules that exist, the more cities intensify the performance of admin that is expected to always accompany members. Membership in online airports is well facilitated through developed systems. Repeatedly people who win in the arena of online gambling will be curious. At the same time, he feels the betting market that ties his players in a professional system.

The betting market is different from other bets as stated by Washington Post on Manbetx, let’s say for example online Togel. The online ball market takes place every week and when solid competition takes place it can happen every day. The longest period in a single moment of competition can reach about 30 days. Occurs at a major competition such as the World Cup or the Europa League.

The market in the football agent is generally categorized based on the league to be followed by the members. But all members have equal rights alias to follow it. Agent does not prohibit the installation of bets in different leagues or concurrent match schedules. Actually, the system and the rules are equivalent to what is managed in poker agents. In the online poker system, the market even it is more dynamic because it takes place every day.

Professional gambling agents guarantee a safe and tight ball market. Any form of infringement of even the smallest will get direct sanctions from the bookie. This market is open to all people with minimum age restriction as a member.

Is it just a foreign league that is a betting event? Actually no. Who likes to follow local matches can monitor and test his luck at this agent. In a sense, the city actually supports the development of local league football with the media betting as one of the motivations of people to follow its development.

The online gambling betting market for local leagues is also pretty much the result. The rules apply the same as in international leagues, guaranteed by the city through modern systems and protection. At some level, access to these agents will be ensured of speed and convenience. Make it easier for people to join the betting market from anywhere without the technical constraints that are very troublesome.

The online betting market on the internet is a source of income that for some people is very realistic. Usually, by undergoing one game, there is already a bonus entered by the dealer in the credit members. This bonus will continue to flow from the city to the members as long as the requirements are obeyed. Required, members comply with all rules in the football betting market.

Determination of low deposit value is regulated by the dealer. His professionalism includes the tightest member account protection, and manage it more concisely. Also shown to the member of each procedure detailed to play smoothly. The security and comfort of betting on football gambling agents is increasingly easy to access with all these procedures.

Written by Matan.

Risk free accumulator bet – 3nd free bet

Bookmaker: Wiliam Hill

Stake: 20€


  1. Lay Bet Lay Spartak Moscow with 19,53 @1,9
  2. Lay Bet Lay Liverpool with 6,20 @1,31

Total Profit: 18,55 + 5,89 – 20 = +4,44

There are also a lot of accumulator bets with ladbrokes, betvictor, titanbet and UK only bookies. But unfortunatelly I don’t have accounts there at the moment.

You can get a 14 days trial for only 1 GBP here.

Risk free accumulator bet – 2nd bet

Bookmaker: Wiliam Hill

Stake: 20€

  1. Lay Bet: Lay Manchester Utd. with 18.98€ @1,38
  2. Lay Bet: Lay Malmö with 26,38€ @1,42
  3. Lay Bet: Lay AEK with 7,3€ @1,36
  4. Lay Bet: Lay  Barcelona with 10,24€ @1,21
  5. Lay Bet: Lay Real with 13,56€ @1,28

Total profit with all 5 lay bets: +9,21€

Loss with William Hill accumulator: -20,00€

But now I have a free bet of 20,00€. I place it on Altach to win against Maccabi Tel Aviv @7 and lay it on matchbook with 16€ @7,3.

It Altach wins I have a total profit of 8,41€. If they don’t win I have a total profit of 4,89€


There are also a lot of accumulator bets with ladbrokes, betvictor, titanbet and UK only bookies. But unfortunatelly I don’t have accounts there at the moment.

You can get a 14 days trial for only 1 GBP here.

Accumulator Generator

Profit from bookmaker accumulator offers, if one of your accumulator bets lose. You can make a sure profit of 5, 10, 15 € per bet. But you can also lose two, three, four etc. bets within your accumulator, it doesn’t matter, you always make a profit. 

How does it work?

Watch this video and see an example.



Best value is for UK citizens because there are a lot of bookmakers that only allow UK citizens to open an account. But there are a lot of other bookmakers to use, for example: WilliamHill, Ladbrokes, Betvictor, Dafabet, Betway, PaddyPower, 10bet etc.

Bookies also love it when you play accumulator bets, so they won’t restrict you so fast.


You can get a 14 days trial for only 1 GBP here.




One of the best football statistic site for your daily bets

Which Premier League team covers most of their asian handicap lines? Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester Udt.? No, it’s Burnley. They won 19,5 of their asian handicaps. Manchester City and Manchester Utd. only 10,5. That are the worst numbers in the PL. 

And which one in Spain? Barcelona, Real Madrid? It’s Espanyol, second place Villarreal, third place Alaves.

Or which team in italy gets the most yellow cards? AC Milan with an average of 5,67 per game.

I want to show you one of the greatest football statistic sites, where you can find such statistics and many more. Click here


What are the features of the site?


  • Different tables for Asian Handicap, Corners, Cards, Referee, Shots etc.




  • Last matches (sorted by home and away; up to more than 100 games); not only for asian handicaps, but also for corners, cards, shots. 


  • Matches against similar teams (not only for asian handicap, but also for corners, cards etc.)


  • Additional filters (penalty, red cards, half time score, handicaps)


  • Many leauges (from England to Finland and a lot for more)


  • Previews



  • Price and planed features


You can test it 3 days for free here.



Bitclubnetwork – New Mining Pool

Just bought another mining pool share for $1.000. Now I have 3 ETH Pool Shares.



Now I earn 0,20 ETH every day. With a price of around 50€ for 1 ETH, this means 10€ per day.


Ethereum from €16 to €49 in the last month and from €8 to €49 since January.


Total earned bitcoins: 4.28757



You can join bitclubnetwork here.

Running Betfair and Bet365 on one PC

Do you have also problems using betfair and bet365 at the same time? With VMWare Workstation Player you can use both.  VM Workstation allows you to run multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows and more as virtual machines on a single PC. Users can replicate server, desktop and tablet environments on a virtual machine, to run applications simultaneously across operating systems without rebooting.

I have installed Windows 7 in addition to Windows 10. You can easily switch between both of them or use both of them simultaneously.

Important: You have to use the VPN on the virtual machine.

Professor Picks


I want to introduce you to a great trading service. It’s from the same guys, who run the inplay scanner: the so called professor picks.

Pro Picks now £276 up in 3 weeks using just £10 stakes since they launched and overall since 23rd October £923 up using just small stakes.

Here is an example how the picks look like:


They are sometimes online days before, but at least some hours before the kickoff of the first game. You get all picks for the whole weekend at once. On friday you have all picks for the weekend.


There are two different systems:


1) LTD  = the traditional Lay the Draw

2) LCS = Lay Correct Score during half time or inplay till odd reach 4,5.


It’s more or less up to you how you follow the picks. I have decided to let the LTD games run till around 80th minute or so if there is one goal different and then reduce red on the draw or hedge. If one team leads with two goals, I lay this team for small liability.

LCS picks I often try to get a better odd, not laying at 4,5 but on 3,75 and 3,3 and a Drip Lay starting with 2,00. This means that I sometimes miss a goal, but my liability is not that huge.

The Professor had a run with only one loser in 27 games. And on saturday he had 18 winners out of 18. Unfortunately BF crashed that day.

You can also use BF Bot Manager to place his picks.  Professor has a file to download with instructions and plans to use it with his Picks. Or with their own created bot here.

Here are the results for march so far +84 using 10 stakes



You can sign up here.  Buy Professor Picks and the Inplay Scanner and get 25% off.




P/L Betair 26. August 2016 – 2. November 2016

P/L: 1.401,96€

Been long since my last update. The last two months were very poor. In total 15 days ended in a loss with a total of -€1.013,86 on those 15 days. That is way too much. There were a lot of races where I lost €30-100 in one single race because markets freaking out.  

Also lost a lot of money with lay any other scoreline. It is one of my favourite bets. But I picked too many crazy games where 3 goals were scored within 10 minutes and still one halftime to play. 



Let’s hope Trump will be next president 😉 





Need a betfair account? Maybe easysportbet is something for you.


What is easysportbet?

You don’t bet on the real betair platform, but odds and money volume are the same as on betfair. 





What about commissions?

You pay 2,5% on wins and also 2,5% when you lose. Overall it will be 5%.


Can I use a betting software?

No, unfortunately you cannot use one. Easysportbet is interesting for people who like to gamble or like to trade but don’t need to use a software to do it. 


Deposit and withdraw options?



Who can join easysportbet?

Unfortunatley easysportbet is not open for Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy.


You can join here. Within 3 minutes you are able to access all betfair markets and start winning (hopefully). 



Back 0:0 & Back The Draw


How often did you analyse a game and you thought there will be a lot of goals? So you backed high correct scores or Over 2,5, 3,5 etc.. And then it’s near full time and no goal has been scored. Why not try to back 0:0 and draw?

My balance so far: 87 games, 12x 0:0, 12x 1:1, 6x 2:2, 1x 4:4.

Total units without trading: +41,01 (0:0; after commission), +15,14 (Draw)

P/L after trading: +83,80€ with stakes mainly beetween 1,5€ and 4€.








Livetradingfootball is a football trading site with experienced traders. Nearly every day there is a Trade of the Day, for example todays TOTD:


There is a live chat, where every inplay trading step is told by BINGO, who is managing all TOTD. There are also livetrades from other users, which you can follow. There are sound alerts for every inplay step, so you can be sure that you don’t miss anything, you don’t have to follow the chat. 

livetrading5 livetrading6 livetrading7



In the members area you can find a lot of strategies explained, when to enter, how much units you should bet etc., so you can search your own games and apply those strategies.




Prices are as following:




You can join here.


Inplay Scanner Trading Ideas

Hi, the 2016/17 season is about to start soon in europe, so I thougt I open a site, where we can collect some trading strategies based on the inplay stats from the inplay trading tool.  Feel free to share your ideas if you like.

strategy 1)

What we look for:

  • a home favourite with odds below 2,00.

With the inplay scanner it isn’t hard to find such favourites even if you have no idea who the teams are. You can see the starting odd below the current odd, for example Boys Sports Coy are now leading 3:0 and was priced before kickoff with 2.48.



  • away team is leading with one goal, e.g. 0:1 or 1:2.
  • a high pressure index, e.g. above 40/45/50.

The pressure index is a combination of shoots and ball possession. The higher the numbers the more action is in the game. You can look out for a high pressure index of the home team, which can mean that they are strongly searching for the equaliser or you can look out for a high pressure index on both sides, which can mean that the home team wants to score the equaliser but also the away team has some chances, so it is an open game, it goes up and down.


  • when to place bets? after 75-80 minutes.
  • what to do? Lay the away team. Odds should be 1,5 or below depending how strong the home favourite was (for example with 10€). And second, make a dutch bet on 1:2, 2:1 and 0:2. (with 5€)

So we need a least one goal. The best case would be that the home team scores first. Then you can green up or take out your risk on your lay away team bet. And then you often have some minutes left for another goal which would be either 2:1 or 1:2 which we backed in the correct score market. 

Hope you like it and can make some profits. You can get the inplay scanner for 39£/month or for a 14-days trial for 20£ here


If you have a trading idea and want to share it so we can discuss it and make some suggestions to improve it write it in the comment section. I would be glad to read some strategies.

What are the Types of Sports Betting Odds?

It’s quite difficult to figure out which odd you must use on a sports bet, especially for first-time bettors. This is because betting platforms usually display different type of odds.  While all of them actually mean the same thing, looking at those different types may be confusing. This article will help you learn them better 😉

Different Types of Betting Odds

In sports betting, there are several types of betting odds. They are US, fractional odds, decimal, and Hong Kong odds. Take a look at all of them and make sure you know what they mean before placing your bet on the table.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are commonly used in UK and North America. At this format, odds are displayed as fractions. Please remember that the top number represents the amount of profit you will make. For example, if the odds are 3/2, player can make $3 profit for every $2 bet and so on.

US odds

The US odds are the most common odds used in Canada and US. It shows either negative or positive numbers, which value is at least 3 digits bigger than 100. Negative odds are meant for bets that will pay you off less than the even money. For example, you want to win $100. If the odd is displayed as -200, it means you can make profit $100 for every $200 you bet. If the odd is shown as positive number, the betting event will pay you more money than the even money itself. For example, if you bet $100 and the odd is displayed as +150, then you can make $150 profit.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are commonly used in Europe zone and usually displayed by numbers greater than 1. Basically, it represents the amount of profit for every $1 bet. For example, 1.5 means a player can get 50 cents profit for every $1 bet and so on. 

Hong Kong odds

Hong Kong odds are basically the same with decimal odds. However, there is one major difference. Both of them don’t factor in the original sports bet. In other words, if an odd is displayed as 1.00 in Hong Kong format, that means a player can get $1 in reward for every $1 bet. Hong Kong odds are not too difficult to understand. Even if you can’t figure what it means, you can still relax because it is not the most commonly used sports betting odds in the world. Unless you’re planning to join a sports bet in Asia, there is no rush in learning Hong Kong odds.

It is very important to understand different types of odds before you place your bet on sports betting event. At least, it tells you how much money you can win from the event. Just make sure, however, that you will do your best to make that profit comes true. Those odds will be useless unless you can turn them into real money using your skills and experience.


Written by Matan.

FUTURENET – The new and better Facebook? With a potential to earn a lot of money

What is Futurenet?

It is a social media platform, it looks like Facebook, it has same features as Facebook, you can meet with friends, chat with them, upload videos, pictures etc. But the different thing is, you can earn money by using it.




How you can make to most out of it?

There are different business plans. You don’t need to buy one, you can use Futurenet absolutely free, but if you want to earn real money, then you should consider to upgrade. Why? Because when you invite friends and they upgrade then you get commissions.

You can only start with 10$. But you have to keep in mind that you only get commissions for your referals up to the level on which you are. If you are on the first level with only 10$ and one of your friends sign up with 100$, 500$ or even more, then you only get commissions for your 10$ level.








Please watch this short video to get an idea how it works and what you have to do, in order to be sucessfull. It is not hard.


Here is the marketing plan, to see what is possible:

You can register for free and read how you can best start an earn money:

Football Trading Alerts


What is FTA?

It is an inplay trading service. It’s from the same guys, who run the Inplay Scanner. All tips are sent to your email-address. 

What stakes do they advise?

Advised trades range is from £25 to £35 per game. But Nothing stopping users halving, doubling, tripling stakes.

Do they trade out of the advised trades at any point?

That’s a personal choice but our trades can be left to run until the end of the game

I’ve joined tipping sites before and lost money, how is this different?

All we can say is for 12 months we’ve only had 1 losing month and profits have consistently ranged between £250-£400 with one month returning £1121. The strategies employed and used have been tested, tweaked and approved over the 12 months.

Here are some results of this month:


Here is an example of how it looks like:


Subscription Plans



Click the banner below to join:



Still running…

You can join bitclubnetwork here.

If you have any questions, please ask me on


Tomorrow starts Ethereum Mining:

NEW Ethereum Mining Pool

We have been working on a secret project for the past few months and we are ready to let you in on it!

If you have not yet heard of Ethereum yet we strongly suggest you check it out because many experts believe it has the potential to be just as big (if not bigger) than Bitcoin itself.

What is Ethereum?

To put it simply Ethereum is the Blockchain of ALL things. Bitcoin is used mainly for financial reasons and in our opinion it will always be the king blockchain!

However, Ethereum is a much broader blockchain that is starting to become very useful and is gaining a lot of momentum. Many applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain (stuff like smart contracts to store agreements, property rights, medical records, and pretty much any other records you want to store using a secure blockchain).

Ethereum runs on a token much like Bitcoin that is called Ether (ETH). This token can also be mined just like Bitcoin and servers to protect and verify the network.

Right now Ethereum has a $600 Million USD market cap and it’s still very early in it’s adoption. In fact, it’s really just for programmers and developers right now and is not intended to be user friendly yet. You must know how to use a command line interface in order to do anything with it, but the tools and user friendliness are coming very soon.

We see a HUGE opportunity right now to mine Ether and much like Bitcoin in the early days of mining, Ether can be mined using GPU’s and is still small enough where anyone can get in the game.

It’s a little bit harder than Bitcoin mining but with our resources, our cheap power options, and of course the biggest asset we have… YOU! We believe we can operate a very large Ethereum mining pool and provide an opportunity for all members get Ether before it really takes off!

How will this Pool work?

First of all this pool will ONLY be open to Founder Members. You must be a Founder in order to purchase a share and we are only offering 1 share per Founder position.

You also must act quickly when this launches because we are only offering 1,000 shares. Each share will be $1,000 USD that can be paid for in Bitcoin or ClubCoin (which will be ready to use in our entire invoicing system this month).

This pool will not require re-purchases like the other pools so you keep 100% of the daily profits paid out per share. There will not be any partial shares and the pool will run for as long as mining Ether is available (no set time limit).

The commissions on purchasing the pool will be paid exactly the same way as Pool 2, where all percentages are the same and everything is paid upline through the binary and level up.

Right now we are currently mining Ether on a small scale and we plan to offer the shares for sale on March 15th with the expectation of the pool starting April 1st. This pool will be LIVE on our main pool website (

When you go to the site you will be able to see stats for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will see mining power and see each block that is mined by our Ethereum pool. At the time of this writing Ether is worth about $8.50 USD and each new block is mined in about 10-15 seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like our Bitcoin mining pools we DO NOT GUARANTEE any returns on this and it’s likely even riskier than Bitcoin mining. The Ethereum project could go under and Ether could be worth $0.00 USD in the next year, or it could be worth $50, $100 or more. We have no idea and will never set any ROI for this, we strongly suggest you understand these risks and do your own research on Ethereum mining before considering to purchase a share.

*If this first round goes well and we see good results from the pool we may open it up for another 1,000 shares or more, but the earliest we would consider doing this would be May so if you are interested make sure you pay attention to these next few updates and be ready to purchase on March 15th!

**Also, If you are a Master Builder you do not need to purchase a share of this pool because we are going to give you one share FREE! This goes for anyone who is at the rank of Master Builder or higher by March 15th.

We have a lot more details coming soon on this but just wanted to give you a heads up about it so you had time to check out Ethereum before it goes live

Oh and if you have a Bittrex account already set up just go under the Wallets tab and do a search for ETH symbol. You will see a + sign where you can generate an ETH address and this is what you will use to be paid on. You will earn Ether directly as we mine it, we will not convert it to Bitcoin.


It really is fun to see how profits grow each day. I earn around 5$ per day with bitcoin mining.


I addition there are the ClubCoins. The value of one Clubcoin is now 0,75$.


The value is rising during the last months.


I had around 5.000 Clubcoins, which are given away for free, when I bought the Founder package. You still get 1.500 Clubcoins if you buy a Founder package.

Then you can also stake your Clubcoins, which means you get a monthly reward. Now I get around 50 Clubcoins per month.


Back to Bitclubming. You can set your Re-Purchase-Percent however you like. This means you buy automaticly new bitcoin mining shares. You can see that I buy every few days new shares which also runs 1000 days. So your total shares an your earnings grow and grow and grow.


You can withdraw your bitcoins earnings whenever you want. Minimum payout is 0,01 BTC


If you have any questions, contact me on


You can join bitclubnetwork here





NEW UPDATE… All new mining pool shares have moved to 600 days and the ClubCoin giveaway is now at 1 ClubCoin for every $5 USD worth of Bitcoin you spend (full shares only). We also just started our first new Binary period that will pay $200/cycle for every 15 Credits Left + 15 Credits Right. You can cycle up to 10 times per day depending on your rank.


Mining goes very well:



You can join bitclubnetwork here



First bitcoins earned. Mining starts after 10 days.



You can join bitclubnetwork here

Mining Pool Update
Date: January 18th

Our mining pool is now up and running with over 11 PH in our Iceland facility and we are working out the final details with BitFury to ensure the additional 13 PH is stable and secure. We expect this to be live within the next day or so and we also expect to see an increase in attacks to our pool when we go online so we are preparing for this now!

We wanted to let everyone know the current mining payout that we started yesterday and will run through the next 9 days is our lowest to date. This is only temporary and you should not be alarmed because we are about to see a huge boost over the next 10 day period when all the new power is LIVE.

Unfortunately we had two things happening over the past several weeks… First, we were delayed in getting new power online (out of our control, but an issue none the less), and second our membership has been growing very fast with new members joining. So in other words we had thousands of new shares entering our pool while the power stayed the same. In the same time frame the difficulty has been jumping very high so of course the payout is going to be low!

Since we payout the average of whatever is mined over each 10 day period we just wanted to give you full warning that the next 9 days will be very low! We hope you can understand why and realize it will always bump up and down like this.

Company Ranks…

We wanted to share some numbers about members who are moving up in the ranks. Lately, there has been a very big surge in our Master Builders and it’s very impressive what is happening right now with some of our top leaders.

Here are the current ranking stats…

Total Builders = 287
Total Pro Builders = 52
Total Master Builders = 25

This is pretty amazing to see 25 people already hit the top of the compensation plan and it’s one of the reasons we are making some changes on Feb 1st and introducing our Monster Builder rank. We want to make sure you keep growing and are rewarded for it!

Right now nobody would be a Monster Builder and we would be pretty shocked to see one anytime soon, but you never know. We didn’t think we would see more than 5 Master Builders anytime during this year either.

Thanks for being a BitClub Member!
-BCN Support Team


You can join bitclubnetwork here


What is Smart-Strategies?

It is the new project of an austrian forum, called It is an innovative shop for betting and trading beginners and professionals with an unique offer: Buy a product from / (ebook, tippster, seminars, webinars, bots etc.) and you get a 50% cashback based on the future earnings of You don’t get your cashback immediatly, but whenever they sell something you get a small share.

Special offer: crowdfunding?

You buy one or more of these packages and you get for example max. €600 for an investment of €299 back (or max. €7.500 for an investment of €2.499) based on the future earnings of You don’t have to do anything.


Special offer only valid till 21. January, so it’s only for resolute persons, who act quick.

I’m for 99% sure that you will get your money back. Why? Because is one of the biggest and one of the best, I would say the best german speaking sports betting and trading forum. They exist since June 2010 and they have a loyal customer base. In march 2016 there is a betting and trading seminar priced with €2.000, which will be sold out very quick, probably I will be there too.

In the sponsor field please enter my username: eraserhead. Yes, I get a small commission for reffering.

You can pay with skrill, neteller or bank transfer, but bank transfer will probably take too long. So if you trust me, get some money to your neteller or skrill acount from one of your bookies or from betfair and invest in

If you have any questions, you can contact me at

My investments in




Is BitClub a Ponzi Scheme?

NO! A ponzi scheme has no product, it’s just a money game set up to pay people with other people’s money and eventually it will crash and burn because there is no real money being earned from any outside sources. BitClub Network has a REAL opportunity for anyone to purchase mining equipment and earn profits from what is being mined. We strive to be very transparent about our mining and you are able to track everything on the blockchainand see our Mining pool running live. This is what we love most about Bitcoin… You can’t trick or fake it, everything is recorded in a public ledger for everyone to see


My investment:


How to invest (how I did it)

  1. Buy bitcoins (I bought it on
  2. Make your own blockchain address (
  3. Transfer the bitcoins to your blockchain address.

Go to Funding -> Withdraw -> Bitcoin (XBT)


Then you have to create a new address with your blockchain address. Enter your Bitcoin address and a description (I think you can enter whatever you want, I enterd my name)



There are three mining pools:


If you purchase the founder pool package you participate on all three mining pools and get in addition clubcoins (now 1 clubcoin = app. 0,20 €)


Benefits of bitlcubnetwork: you earn a small amount of bitcoins on a daily basis. Mining is running for 600 days.

You can withdraw your bitcoins after you have earnd 0,01 bitcoins.


You can join bitclubnetwork here


Please, only invest with money you can afford to lose. I made an invest in bewisetrader and lost all my money. I cannot promise that bitclubnetwork will make you profits. 


Greyhound Racing Info



Statement from greyhound racing tippster Shaun Murphy:

  • another 2/2 winners last night E/P 5/4 & 8/11
  • thats 12/21 winners so far in June.

Since April 1st I have cut the number of bets down to roughly 25 bets per month from my specalist tracks only, Nottingham Monday night, Sheffield Tuesday night, Hove Thursday night, Romford Friday night

  • results have improved 36/77 winnning bets (46.7 %)

October 2014: +39,65
November 2014: +13,52
December 2014: +4,2
January 2015: -9,38
February 2015: +5,98
March 2015: -12,36
April 2015: +12,27
May 2015: +6,67
June 2015: +6,45

Unfortunately I have missed two of Shauns winning bets this month, so my results are slightly worse than the official, but that was only my fault. His service is very exemplary.

All his bets can be placed for example on bet365 or betfair.  1 Point System. Odds between 1,5 and 5. 

You can get a 7 day trial for £1 here.

Betfair Trading Community – Trade

Not a big profit, but only because I missed the entry point. I could have laid Villarreal at 1,90, but I tried to get 1,89 overnight. When I checked the game on match day, odds drifted allready to 1,96/1,97/1,98. 30 minutes before kickoff I greened, because it seemed to fall again. But at kickoff it was at around 2,06/2,08/2,10.





You can join BTC here.

Read my thougths about BTC here.

Greyhound Racing Tips



I want to call your attention to a very consistent and easy to follow tipping service, namely Shaun Murphys Greyhound Racing Tips. All his bets can be placed for example on bet365 or betfair. Usually one selective bet per day. 1 Point System. Odds between 1,5 and 5. 

You can read my review here.

Results since I joined:

October 2014: +39,65
November 2014: +13,52
December 2014: +4,2
January 2015: -9,38
February 2015: +5,98
March 2015: -12,36
April 2015: +12,27
May 2015 (so far): +9,92

I think his profit was in February even more, but I missed some of it caused by my own fault.

You can get a 7 day trial for £1 here.

Betfair Trading Community Trade

Another good call from a member of the Betfair Trading Community on Facebook. €40 3 1/2 hours before Kickoff.





The team names are a little bit different, but I think it was this game, because I followed the game live and the final result and the moments of the goals were the same.

You can join BTC here.

Read my thougths about BTC here.


Villarreal vs. Atletico Madrid – April, 29th 2015 – Inplay & Prematch Trading

Not a huge profit prematch, but a good example how to use this one website for prematch trading. As soon as the odds jumped to 3,75  at 1:43 I should have laid it at 3,75 on betfair instead of hoping to get matched at 3,70. Would have been a nice trade. The reason to consider to do this, is that there was a clear upwards trend in the last 15 minutes on Villarreal. But be careful, it is not necessarily that the odds drift further on betfair just because of that. Therefore I have chosen the safe version of a po bounce back to 3,70, which unfortunatley didn’t happen.


Betfair Trading Community Review


Today I want to introduce you the Betfair Trading Community on Facebook. It is a community of about 400 people created by a professional betfair trader with the idea to exchange trades, betting systems, ideas and making new friends sharing the same interest.

We are all at different levels of trading. Some are more advanced, some have started their journey just now. So it’s hard to tell, if this community is something for you.

I am a member for about 1 month now. I have taken over a new staking plan and match selection for LTD (9 games, one loss so far), a few website hints to check as soon as I have more time and an entry point for a trade for the Real vs. Eibar game (Ronaldo was ready to play, nevertheless the odd drifts 2 ticks). 





Game was not inplay yet as you can see on the -00:00:05.

There are daily threads for football, tennis and horse racing. Also other sports such as cricket, golf snooker etc. are covered.

The site claims that there are 10+ professional traders present to answer your questions. Caan Berry, you may know him as one of the most sucessfull horse race traders, is/was part of the BTC.

If you want to join this community Click Here!

Oh, nearly forgot it: price is only £3/month (first month, then £7).

Reasons why I use GEEKS TOY for trading


1) Estimated Queue Position

You always know your queue position. In higher liquid markets and when you place many orders this is very helpful and maybe gives you a little extra advantage compared to other traders.


2) Market Overview and Ladder Selector

When you trade horses prerace you always need to know what is going on in the market. All horses affect each other more or less. If one begins to steam another is much likely to drift and vice versa. Only the market overview gives you a good insight in the full market over the last few minutes.


3) Audio Alert Manager

Every trading software has a countdown audio alert, a suspended audio alert and an inplay audio alert. But Geeks Toy has in addition to this “When a bet is first matched”, “When a bet is subsequently matched” and “When a bet is fully matched”.

If you are trading and fully focusing on one ladder and also have placed orders on another you sometimes maybe don’t recognize that they got matched. With these extra alerts you always know.


4) Market Close Warning

Never forget a unmatched bet again when closing a market that you placed in order to trade but which didn’t get matched at first time, just to recognize that it get matched though later , but you couldn’t close the trade proberly and you lost huge.

Maybe you know this: You look at your account balance and get shocked, because a huge amount is missing and you don’t know where it is. If you didn’t loose it by gambling, you probably forget to cancel an order. Sometimes you will find it and it is still unmachted, sometimes it has been matched and a goal has been scored to your favour or nothing happend, but in the worst case the other side scored or the game has even endend and you lost all of your trading stakes, which you never wanted to fully risk.


 5) Last Matched Amount


6) Betfair Live Video Of Horse Races


You can get GEEKS TOY here.

Betfair Trading Software

Inplay Scanner Example

Here is an example how you could use the scanner. Curzon Ashton was a 1,46 favourite and 1:2 back. But they had 11 shoots on target, 10 shoots off target and 13 corner kicks. I laid Belper Town at 1,5 and 1,25 and backed Curzon at 11.


In the 90. minute Curzon scores the 2:2, which was also the full time result.




With a good money management, discipline and a strategy, the inplay scanner is a great tool for your daily inplay trades.

You can get the inplay scanner here.




Prematch Trading

Recently I’ve started with some prematch trades. The profits are still small to average. But the lossing trades are very rarely. I will post some of my trades and hopefully I can make some progress in the near future.

What do you need / What do I use?

  • a betfair account. (If you don’t have access to betfair due to restrictions in your country, you can sign up via a broker, e.g. premium tradings)
  • a trading software. I use Geeks Toy for my prematch trades.
  • a cool internet site, which helps me a lot to know in which direction the market is most likely to move.



Premium Tradings

What is Premium Tradings ?

GPremium Tradings betting brokerageenerally speaking Premium Tradings is a sports betting broker, designed to serve a growing market share of selected professional clients, whether individuals or betting syndicates, with unique and suitable sports betting solutions for each.

If you are looking for a place where your accounts will not be limited or closed and you can monitor them altogether, Premium Tradings is fulfilling all your needs.

Premium Tradings customers enjoy the ability to handle betting accounts with all the best asian sportsbooks like Pinnacle, SBOBet, Singbet, IBC and more as well as BETFAIR Betting exchange – all in one service. You can spread your balance between all betting accounts, transfer funds from one account to another, without limits or restrictions.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are made via Skrill, Netteller (Euro, USD, GBP), Bitcoin and Bank wires.

The service is free of charge, besides transaction fees, as following: Deposits:

  • First ever deposit is free of charge.
  • Any further deposits: up to €2,000 3%; €2,001 up to €10,000 2%; €10,001 and up 1%


  • You get one free withdrawal per calendar month.
  • Any additional withdrawals are charged with 1 % over the transaction amount.

Please note: the minimum deposit amount is 1000 € (only the first deposit), no matter if you want to open just one or several accounts with Premium Tradings.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Premium Tradings, select REGISTER NOW and fill in the registration form:

  1. Once your registration is completed you will be contacted by Premium Tradings via email containing the terms and conditions and the agreement between Premium Tradings and you. Please note, it may take several hours before you receive this mail. The agreement has to be signed by you and returned to Premium Tradings via email.

  1. After that you will receive another email from Premium Tradings informing you where to send your first deposit amount, depending on the deposit method you choose upon registration.

  1. As soon as Premium Trading has received your deposit amount, you will receive your account and login details for the service you choose.

Betfair Accounts

If you have signed up for an account with BETFAIR betting exchange, a VPN service is required. This is due to the fact that access to the betting exchange is restricted to certain countries. I would recommend to use the VPN service HydeMyAss or CyberGhost. You can sign up here or here:

  • Can I use a betting software for my betfair account?

You can use any betting software for your betfair account with Premium Tradings, as API is fully functionable.

  • Commision Rate

The betfair commission rate with Premium Tradings is 4% and hence lower than in any other country!

  • Premium Charge

Premium Trading customers don’t pay the betfair premium charge! (I don’t know if this is still valid)

  • Why use Premium Tradings?

Because you live in a country, where betfair has closed their betting exchange and you don’t want to miss all the advantages of the leading betting exchange.

Because you are a high roller and need an account at the asian bookies.

Because you want to pay less commission.

Because you don’t want to pay premium charges any more.

  • Does it really work?

Yes, of course. I don’t have an account. But a friend has one for a few months and he didn’t face any problems so far.

  • Is Premium Tradings serious?

Yes. PremiumTradings is sports brokerage service owned by BELLONA N.V group, with valid Gaming license no. 8048/JAZ issued by the gaming commission of Curacao.

Should you encounter any problems, contact Premium Tradings either via email or just go to the live chat on their website or contact me via and I try to do me best to help you out.


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