Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (April)

Bitcoin now at 1.461$. Why waisting anymore time? Start mining now.


I have mined 0,20862 BTC (304,79$) in one month. And I can do it month for month for month again.



Ask yourself a question: Do you want to have missed the entry when bitcoin perhabs reach 500.000$ once?


Bitcoin Price Will Reach $500,000 Realistically: Snapchat’s First Investor


You can join Bitclubnetwork here.

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One of the best football statistic site for your daily bets

Which Premier League team covers most of their asian handicap lines? Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester Udt.? No, it’s Burnley. They won 19,5 of their asian handicaps. Manchester City and Manchester Utd. only 10,5. That are the worst numbers in the PL. 

And which one in Spain? Barcelona, Real Madrid? It’s Espanyol, second place Villarreal, third place Alaves.

Or which team in italy gets the most yellow cards? AC Milan with an average of 5,67 per game.

I want to show you one of the greatest football statistic sites, where you can find such statistics and many more. Click here


What are the features of the site?


  • Different tables for Asian Handicap, Corners, Cards, Referee, Shots etc.




  • Last matches (sorted by home and away; up to more than 100 games); not only for asian handicaps, but also for corners, cards, shots. 


  • Matches against similar teams (not only for asian handicap, but also for corners, cards etc.)


  • Additional filters (penalty, red cards, half time score, handicaps)


  • Many leauges (from England to Finland and a lot for more)


  • Previews



  • Price and planed features


You can test it 3 days for free here.



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Bitclubnetwork – New Mining Pool

Just bought another mining pool share for $1.000. Now I have 3 ETH Pool Shares.



Now I earn 0,20 ETH every day. With a price of around 50€ for 1 ETH, this means 10€ per day.


Ethereum from €16 to €49 in the last month and from €8 to €49 since January.


Total earned bitcoins: 4.28757



You can join bitclubnetwork here.

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Running Betfair and Bet365 on one PC

Do you have also problems using betfair and bet365 at the same time? With VMWare Workstation Player you can use both.  VM Workstation allows you to run multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows and more as virtual machines on a single PC. Users can replicate server, desktop and tablet environments on a virtual machine, to run applications simultaneously across operating systems without rebooting.

I have installed Windows 7 in addition to Windows 10. You can easily switch between both of them or use both of them simultaneously.

Important: You have to use the VPN on the virtual machine.

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Betfair Accounts

Fully verified UK Betfair Account (+ Neteller)

Price: 650 GBP

Fully verified Indian Betfair Account.  (+ Neteller)

Price: 450 GBP


Please only contact if you are willing to pay the full price. I cannot reduce it. For more information mail to:

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Professor Picks


I want to introduce you to a great trading service. It’s from the same guys, who run the inplay scanner: the so called professor picks.

Pro Picks now £276 up in 3 weeks using just £10 stakes since they launched and overall since 23rd October £923 up using just small stakes.

Here is an example how the picks look like:


They are sometimes online days before, but at least some hours before the kickoff of the first game. You get all picks for the whole weekend at once. On friday you have all picks for the weekend.


There are two different systems:


1) LTD  = the traditional Lay the Draw

2) LCS = Lay Correct Score during half time or inplay till odd reach 4,5.


It’s more or less up to you how you follow the picks. I have decided to let the LTD games run till around 80th minute or so if there is one goal different and then reduce red on the draw or hedge. If one team leads with two goals, I lay this team for small liability.

LCS picks I often try to get a better odd, not laying at 4,5 but on 3,75 and 3,3 and a Drip Lay starting with 2,00. This means that I sometimes miss a goal, but my liability is not that huge.

The Professor had a run with only one loser in 27 games. And on saturday he had 18 winners out of 18. Unfortunately BF crashed that day.

You can also use BF Bot Manager to place his picks.  Professor has a file to download with instructions and plans to use it with his Picks. Or with their own created bot here.

Here are the results for march so far +84 using 10 stakes



You can sign up here.  Buy Professor Picks and the Inplay Scanner and get 25% off.




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