AZ Alkmaar vs. Cambuur

P/L: + 1.1660 €

Cannot be really happy about that win.

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3 Thoughts to “AZ Alkmaar vs. Cambuur

    1. It was the last minute, I watched the game live and a goal was scored. But in netherland there are a video referee in cup games. And it was not sure if the goal was counted because there was a foul. But the betfair market reacted like there was a goal and the price went down to 1,01. But after a few seconds the video referee said foul and the goal was disallowed. But I was so stupid to lay just with such a small amount. I could have laid 10.000. There are not often such chances. I was almost sure that the goal is going to be disallowed, because I saw the foul. And that’s why I was not really happy about this “trade”.

      1. Next season video referee in germany. Maybe there will be similar situations. But I think the guy who looked after the market in this game doesn’t know that there was a video referee. Otherwise he wouldn’t have opened the market.
        On the other hand, it was kind of stolen money from other traders who don’t had this information. So, to taken 10.000 from someone wouldn’t been ok.

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