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Mining Pool Update
Date: January 18th

Our mining pool is now up and running with over 11 PH in our Iceland facility and we are working out the final details with BitFury to ensure the additional 13 PH is stable and secure. We expect this to be live within the next day or so and we also expect to see an increase in attacks to our pool when we go online so we are preparing for this now!

We wanted to let everyone know the current mining payout that we started yesterday and will run through the next 9 days is our lowest to date. This is only temporary and you should not be alarmed because we are about to see a huge boost over the next 10 day period when all the new power is LIVE.

Unfortunately we had two things happening over the past several weeks… First, we were delayed in getting new power online (out of our control, but an issue none the less), and second our membership has been growing very fast with new members joining. So in other words we had thousands of new shares entering our pool while the power stayed the same. In the same time frame the difficulty has been jumping very high so of course the payout is going to be low!

Since we payout the average of whatever is mined over each 10 day period we just wanted to give you full warning that the next 9 days will be very low! We hope you can understand why and realize it will always bump up and down like this.

Company Ranks…

We wanted to share some numbers about members who are moving up in the ranks. Lately, there has been a very big surge in our Master Builders and it’s very impressive what is happening right now with some of our top leaders.

Here are the current ranking stats…

Total Builders = 287
Total Pro Builders = 52
Total Master Builders = 25

This is pretty amazing to see 25 people already hit the top of the compensation plan and it’s one of the reasons we are making some changes on Feb 1st and introducing our Monster Builder rank. We want to make sure you keep growing and are rewarded for it!

Right now nobody would be a Monster Builder and we would be pretty shocked to see one anytime soon, but you never know. We didn’t think we would see more than 5 Master Builders anytime during this year either.

Thanks for being a BitClub Member!
-BCN Support Team


You can join bitclubnetwork here

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