Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (november)

1 BTC = $7,822.88

Total mining after 666days:  5.47642 BTC

Mining since last update (13. october 2017): 0,08209 BTC (=642 USD)

I still have 3.000 Clubcoins which I received as a welcome gift.  I payed 3500 USD to start mining, but they gave me free coins which are now worth 6.500 USD. 😀

1 Clubcoin = 2,18 USD

And soon they lunch coinpay, which could boost the clubcoin even more. Also I received CoinPay Tokens for free. So you don’t only earn with mining, but you sometimes get nice gifts with a lot of future potential.

Start mining now with bitclubnetwork. You can join Bitclubnetwork here.

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