2 UK Betfair Accounts + Neteller

Price: 250 GBP (one time payment)

Monthly fee: 50 GBP (for lifetime service, new verification documents, if needed, etc. )

Accounts don’t have the 1.000 GBP PC allowance anymore.


Email to: bettinginnovations@gmx.at

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Betfair Accounts

Fully verified UK Betfair Account (+ Neteller)

Price: 650 GBP

Fully verified Indian Betfair Account.  (+ Neteller)

Price: 450 GBP


Please only contact if you are willing to pay the full price. I cannot reduce it. For more information mail to: bettinginnovations@gmx.at

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Need a betfair account? Maybe easysportbet is something for you.


What is easysportbet?

You don’t bet on the real betair platform, but odds and money volume are the same as on betfair. 





What about commissions?

You pay 2,5% on wins and also 2,5% when you lose. Overall it will be 5%.


Can I use a betting software?

No, unfortunately you cannot use one. Easysportbet is interesting for people who like to gamble or like to trade but don’t need to use a software to do it. 


Deposit and withdraw options?



Who can join easysportbet?

Unfortunatley easysportbet is not open for Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy.


You can join here. Within 3 minutes you are able to access all betfair markets and start winning (hopefully). 



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Reasons why I use GEEKS TOY for trading


1) Estimated Queue Position

You always know your queue position. In higher liquid markets and when you place many orders this is very helpful and maybe gives you a little extra advantage compared to other traders.


2) Market Overview and Ladder Selector

When you trade horses prerace you always need to know what is going on in the market. All horses affect each other more or less. If one begins to steam another is much likely to drift and vice versa. Only the market overview gives you a good insight in the full market over the last few minutes.


3) Audio Alert Manager

Every trading software has a countdown audio alert, a suspended audio alert and an inplay audio alert. But Geeks Toy has in addition to this “When a bet is first matched”, “When a bet is subsequently matched” and “When a bet is fully matched”.

If you are trading and fully focusing on one ladder and also have placed orders on another you sometimes maybe don’t recognize that they got matched. With these extra alerts you always know.


4) Market Close Warning

Never forget a unmatched bet again when closing a market that you placed in order to trade but which didn’t get matched at first time, just to recognize that it get matched though later , but you couldn’t close the trade proberly and you lost huge.

Maybe you know this: You look at your account balance and get shocked, because a huge amount is missing and you don’t know where it is. If you didn’t loose it by gambling, you probably forget to cancel an order. Sometimes you will find it and it is still unmachted, sometimes it has been matched and a goal has been scored to your favour or nothing happend, but in the worst case the other side scored or the game has even endend and you lost all of your trading stakes, which you never wanted to fully risk.


 5) Last Matched Amount


6) Betfair Live Video Of Horse Races


You can get GEEKS TOY here.

Betfair Trading Software

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Premium Tradings

What is Premium Tradings ?

GPremium Tradings betting brokerageenerally speaking Premium Tradings is a sports betting broker, designed to serve a growing market share of selected professional clients, whether individuals or betting syndicates, with unique and suitable sports betting solutions for each.

If you are looking for a place where your accounts will not be limited or closed and you can monitor them altogether, Premium Tradings is fulfilling all your needs.

Premium Tradings customers enjoy the ability to handle betting accounts with all the best asian sportsbooks like Pinnacle, SBOBet, Singbet, IBC and more as well as BETFAIR Betting exchange – all in one service. You can spread your balance between all betting accounts, transfer funds from one account to another, without limits or restrictions.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are made via Skrill, Netteller (Euro, USD, GBP), Bitcoin and Bank wires.

The service is free of charge, besides transaction fees, as following: Deposits:

  • First ever deposit is free of charge.
  • Any further deposits: up to €2,000 3%; €2,001 up to €10,000 2%; €10,001 and up 1%


  • You get one free withdrawal per calendar month.
  • Any additional withdrawals are charged with 1 % over the transaction amount.

Please note: the minimum deposit amount is 1000 € (only the first deposit), no matter if you want to open just one or several accounts with Premium Tradings.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Premium Tradings, select REGISTER NOW and fill in the registration form:

  1. Once your registration is completed you will be contacted by Premium Tradings via email containing the terms and conditions and the agreement between Premium Tradings and you. Please note, it may take several hours before you receive this mail. The agreement has to be signed by you and returned to Premium Tradings via email.

  1. After that you will receive another email from Premium Tradings informing you where to send your first deposit amount, depending on the deposit method you choose upon registration.

  1. As soon as Premium Trading has received your deposit amount, you will receive your account and login details for the service you choose.

Betfair Accounts

If you have signed up for an account with BETFAIR betting exchange, a VPN service is required. This is due to the fact that access to the betting exchange is restricted to certain countries. I would recommend to use the VPN service HydeMyAss or CyberGhost. You can sign up here or here:

  • Can I use a betting software for my betfair account?

You can use any betting software for your betfair account with Premium Tradings, as API is fully functionable.

  • Commision Rate

The betfair commission rate with Premium Tradings is 4% and hence lower than in any other country!

  • Premium Charge

Premium Trading customers don’t pay the betfair premium charge! (I don’t know if this is still valid)

  • Why use Premium Tradings?

Because you live in a country, where betfair has closed their betting exchange and you don’t want to miss all the advantages of the leading betting exchange.

Because you are a high roller and need an account at the asian bookies.

Because you want to pay less commission.

Because you don’t want to pay premium charges any more.

  • Does it really work?

Yes, of course. I don’t have an account. But a friend has one for a few months and he didn’t face any problems so far.

  • Is Premium Tradings serious?

Yes. PremiumTradings is sports brokerage service owned by BELLONA N.V group, with valid Gaming license no. 8048/JAZ issued by the gaming commission of Curacao.

Should you encounter any problems, contact Premium Tradings either via email or just go to the live chat on their website or contact me via bettinginnovations@gmx.at and I try to do me best to help you out.


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