Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (november)

1 BTC = $7,822.88

Total mining after 666days:  5.47642 BTC

Mining since last update (13. october 2017): 0,08209 BTC (=642 USD)

I still have 3.000 Clubcoins which I received as a welcome gift.  I payed 3500 USD to start mining, but they gave me free coins which are now worth 6.500 USD. 😀

1 Clubcoin = 2,18 USD

And soon they lunch coinpay, which could boost the clubcoin even more. Also I received CoinPay Tokens for free. So you don’t only earn with mining, but you sometimes get nice gifts with a lot of future potential.

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Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (october)


1 BTC = 5,591 USD 🙂

On 2. February 2017 I made a post: Bitcoin reaches 1.000 USD mark and now 8 months later we are at 5.591 USD.

Total earnings after 631 days: 5,39433 BTC


Full shares in each pool (=1,0000) still run 369 days. But with reinvest I will still mine after those 369 days. In mining pool #1 I already have more than 1,0000 new shares (in total 2,2753) and in the two others I should easily reach more than 1 new share.


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Bitclubnetwork – It’s getting better and better

Bitcoin now at 1.870 USD.


Bitcoins earned: 4,61438

Bitcoins mined since my last update on May 3th: 0,11819 (= 220 USD)



Start mining now with bitclubnetwork. You can join Bitclubnetwork here.

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Bitclubnetwork – Earn a passive income (April)

Bitcoin now at 1.461$. Why waisting anymore time? Start mining now.


I have mined 0,20862 BTC (304,79$) in one month. And I can do it month for month for month again.



Ask yourself a question: Do you want to have missed the entry when bitcoin perhabs reach 500.000$ once?


Bitcoin Price Will Reach $500,000 Realistically: Snapchat’s First Investor


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Bitclubnetwork – New Mining Pool

Just bought another mining pool share for $1.000. Now I have 3 ETH Pool Shares.



Now I earn 0,20 ETH every day. With a price of around 50€ for 1 ETH, this means 10€ per day.


Ethereum from €16 to €49 in the last month and from €8 to €49 since January.


Total earned bitcoins: 4.28757



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Bitclubnetwork – Coinpay

NEW CoinPay Digital Token – A MUST READ!

New CoinPay Token Giveaway Begins Jan 1st

CoinPay is getting ready to take the payment industry by storm in 2017!!!!

This company is building the worlds first Smart Payment App that allows merchants to accept multiple digital currencies on the same invoice and then automatically convert them to USD or another Fiat currency.

A merchant will have full control over their funds at all times, they can chose to keep a percentage in any currency received or convert it based on the market rate at the time of transaction. There is no third party or middle man to deal with.

CoinPay uses a very sophisticated set of API’s that work together to allow merchants full control over the process and by allowing them to bill customers directly there is no risk for the merchant at all.

Upon launch CoinPay will be accepting ClubCoin (the digital token BitClub members have been receiving for over a year now) and Bitcoin. Right now ClubCoin has a value of around $0.50 USD and we believe with the power of BitClub Network, and the global rewards program it will create a huge demand for ClubCoin.

Soon we will all have a market to spend ClubCoin through the CoinPay platform.

This was phase 1 of our plan to give ClubCoin away free and create a viable market for it.

Phase 2 is adding the merchants to accept it and we believe merchants from around the world will line up to use CoinPay because not only is the platform great for accepting digital currencies, but a merchant can list their entire product catalogue through the CoinPay shopping network, which is made available to ClubCoin token holders.

There is No Risk and Here is Why…

Say a merchant is selling a cup of coffee for $5.00 USD… They would be able to accept ClubCoin (right now this would be 10 ClubCoin). An invoice is generated and the customer pays the merchant with ClubCoin, this would be instantly converted to Bitcoin and the Bitcoin instantly converted to USD or other FIAT based on the preferred exchange and region of the merchant.

So at the end of the day the merchant would receive $5.00 USD in their bank account and since CoinPay is only acting as the software to allow the transaction to happen there is no risk for the merchant because the “money” is either in the customers hands or the merchants hands (no middle person).

It’s our hope that merchants wake up and want to hold digital currency because there is a lot of upside in the market. Just look at Bitcoin lately 🙂

So for this reason we give them the opportunity to cash in a percentage of their transactions and hold the rest in either ClubCoin or Bitcoin if they chose. This percentage can easily be set and changed if it becomes more attractive to hold or sell

Why Merchants Want to Accept ClubCoin?

Merchants will gain access to thousands of new customers (BitClub Members) and anyone else holding ClubCoin. For this privilege we are going to ask the merchant to offer their product or service at a discount to members if they chose to accept ClubCoin.

This discount will be advertised to the network and anyone with ClubCoin can shop based on these discounts to get a great deal. We expect to see new customers outside of BitClub Network buying ClubCoin just so they can shop with it and get a discount by using it through CoinPay.

Example: Sticking with the cup of coffee example… This coffee shop would sell their coffee at a 5% discount, or $4.75 to all ClubCoin holders, a $0.25 discount

How many other digital currencies have their own marketplace to spend them? Only Bitcoin!

We believe ClubCoin can become the “shopping token” that people use instead of spending their Bitcoin and this will grow well beyond anything else can because of the unique relationship CoinPay has to BitClub Network!

How Does CoinPay Make Money?

CoinPay will charge a 1% transaction fee on all transactions and these fees will also be shared with the BitClub member who enrolled the merchant. Merchants will have an option to upgrade for a one time $399 fee which will give them complete access to the network of shoppers, and many tools that Free merchants will not receive.

CoinPay also offers Enterprise level packages that provide a fully customized solution that can be integrated easily into any existing shopping cart platforms. It’s also our hope to integrate with the most popular open source shopping carts so its very easy to implement for merchants on these platforms

Ok, Now here is where this gets fun for BitClub Members…

CoinPay is going to be giving away up to 65% of the company to BitClub Members in the form of equity shares that are being called “CoinPay Tokens.” It was important that all BitClub members owned a big piece of CoinPay to feel like this is YOUR company to help support and grow the merchant network.

In fact, YOU have already earned a piece of this company with your membership and we are going to GIVE YOU SHARES FOR FREE!

This is NOT like any other digital token you see today… It’s NOT like Bitcoin, it’s NOT like ClubCoin, and it’s NOT like anything else in the market. This token will act more like a stock certificate and “proof-of-ownership” token rather than a currency that is trading.

CoinPay tokens will entitle you to a profit share of CoinPay and you can earn more tokens based on your performance by enrolling merchants and getting those merchants to process ClubCoin transactions.

This is how we are giving them away…

For all members who joined BitClub Network anytime BEFORE January 1st 2017

  • You will receive 1 CoinPay Token for every $10.00 USD you have spent with BitClub
  • ALL Founders (any level founder) will receive an additional 1,000 CoinPay Tokens

*There is no catch on giving these tokens to you, and there is nothing you have to do to earn them. These are yours! We want you to have them and feel like you own a piece of CoinPay (A BIG Piece).

The next giveaway is for all members who will join AFTER December 31st 2016

  • You will receive 1 CoinPay Token for every $1.00 spent (giving away 10 million tokens in Tier 1)
  • After Tier 1 the giveaway will drop to 1 CoinPay Token for every $2.00 USD spent (another 10 million tokens)
  • ALL Founders (Founder 9) will receive 5,000 additional CoinPay Tokens + 200 ClubCoin (1,000 Founders)
  • After this Founder 10 will receive 3,000 additional CoinPay Tokens + 100 ClubCoin (another 1,000 Founders)

This will continue to drop down every 1,000 founders until 100,000,000 (100 million tokens are given away)

We also have many other incentives to earn tokens by enrolling new merchants in CoinPay, hitting sales volume ranks from merchant sales volume, and more special offers that you will hear about later on.

This is something we are very excited about and have been building for over a year now. By giving away 65% of the equity in CoinPay the company will be in the hands of the people (YOU) and it’s the people who build it and benefit.

We strongly believe in this type of approach and by launching CoinPay through a sales organization like BitClub we know this can be really big!

The full launch of this platform is almost here and you will begin seeing more details unfold as we bring each piece online. But it’s important to know that the CoinPay token giveaway will begin January 1st.

You can join bitclubnetwork here.

If you have any questions, please ask me on

My personal report:

After nearly one year, I earned 3,48931 BTC.



Here is the chart for 1 bitcoin during the last year:




When I made my investment, I received more than 5.000 clubcoins as a free giveaway:

Current price of one clubcoin: $0,493083

Only with the free giveaway of 5.000 clubcoins from bitclubnetwork at the beginning, my initial investment of $3.600 would be nearly paid back.  


Because of re-investing I have increased my initial shares of 1,00 per pool to 1,6184 (pool #1), 1,3915 (pool #2) and 1,2902 (pool #3). This means: after the 1.000 days of my initial investment  have ended, I’m still minig bitcoins from my partial shares (from re-investment) also for 1.000 days, and this repeats again and again and again (as long als bitclubnetwork exists  😉



Maybe the free giveaway of 5.000 Coinpay Tokens + 200 clubcoins when buying a founder package is as good as the 5.000 clubcoins I received when becoming a founder one year ago. 


You can join bitclubnetwork here.

If you have any questions, please ask me on

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