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Tomorrow starts Ethereum Mining:

NEW Ethereum Mining Pool

We have been working on a secret project for the past few months and we are ready to let you in on it!

If you have not yet heard of Ethereum yet we strongly suggest you check it out because many experts believe it has the potential to be just as big (if not bigger) than Bitcoin itself.

What is Ethereum?

To put it simply Ethereum is the Blockchain of ALL things. Bitcoin is used mainly for financial reasons and in our opinion it will always be the king blockchain!

However, Ethereum is a much broader blockchain that is starting to become very useful and is gaining a lot of momentum. Many applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain (stuff like smart contracts to store agreements, property rights, medical records, and pretty much any other records you want to store using a secure blockchain).

Ethereum runs on a token much like Bitcoin that is called Ether (ETH). This token can also be mined just like Bitcoin and servers to protect and verify the network.

Right now Ethereum has a $600 Million USD market cap and it’s still very early in it’s adoption. In fact, it’s really just for programmers and developers right now and is not intended to be user friendly yet. You must know how to use a command line interface in order to do anything with it, but the tools and user friendliness are coming very soon.

We see a HUGE opportunity right now to mine Ether and much like Bitcoin in the early days of mining, Ether can be mined using GPU’s and is still small enough where anyone can get in the game.

It’s a little bit harder than Bitcoin mining but with our resources, our cheap power options, and of course the biggest asset we have… YOU! We believe we can operate a very large Ethereum mining pool and provide an opportunity for all members get Ether before it really takes off!

How will this Pool work?

First of all this pool will ONLY be open to Founder Members. You must be a Founder in order to purchase a share and we are only offering 1 share per Founder position.

You also must act quickly when this launches because we are only offering 1,000 shares. Each share will be $1,000 USD that can be paid for in Bitcoin or ClubCoin (which will be ready to use in our entire invoicing system this month).

This pool will not require re-purchases like the other pools so you keep 100% of the daily profits paid out per share. There will not be any partial shares and the pool will run for as long as mining Ether is available (no set time limit).

The commissions on purchasing the pool will be paid exactly the same way as Pool 2, where all percentages are the same and everything is paid upline through the binary and level up.

Right now we are currently mining Ether on a small scale and we plan to offer the shares for sale on March 15th with the expectation of the pool starting April 1st. This pool will be LIVE on our main pool website (

When you go to the site you will be able to see stats for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will see mining power and see each block that is mined by our Ethereum pool. At the time of this writing Ether is worth about $8.50 USD and each new block is mined in about 10-15 seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: Just like our Bitcoin mining pools we DO NOT GUARANTEE any returns on this and it’s likely even riskier than Bitcoin mining. The Ethereum project could go under and Ether could be worth $0.00 USD in the next year, or it could be worth $50, $100 or more. We have no idea and will never set any ROI for this, we strongly suggest you understand these risks and do your own research on Ethereum mining before considering to purchase a share.

*If this first round goes well and we see good results from the pool we may open it up for another 1,000 shares or more, but the earliest we would consider doing this would be May so if you are interested make sure you pay attention to these next few updates and be ready to purchase on March 15th!

**Also, If you are a Master Builder you do not need to purchase a share of this pool because we are going to give you one share FREE! This goes for anyone who is at the rank of Master Builder or higher by March 15th.

We have a lot more details coming soon on this but just wanted to give you a heads up about it so you had time to check out Ethereum before it goes live

Oh and if you have a Bittrex account already set up just go under the Wallets tab and do a search for ETH symbol. You will see a + sign where you can generate an ETH address and this is what you will use to be paid on. You will earn Ether directly as we mine it, we will not convert it to Bitcoin.

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My withdrawals until now:


And my shares. As you can see there is an automaticly re-purchase of shares (in the column “Shares”) every few days, which increases mining profits per day long term.


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It really is fun to see how profits grow each day. I earn around 5$ per day with bitcoin mining.


I addition there are the ClubCoins. The value of one Clubcoin is now 0,75$.


The value is rising during the last months.


I had around 5.000 Clubcoins, which are given away for free, when I bought the Founder package. You still get 1.500 Clubcoins if you buy a Founder package.

Then you can also stake your Clubcoins, which means you get a monthly reward. Now I get around 50 Clubcoins per month.


Back to Bitclubming. You can set your Re-Purchase-Percent however you like. This means you buy automaticly new bitcoin mining shares. You can see that I buy every few days new shares which also runs 1000 days. So your total shares an your earnings grow and grow and grow.


You can withdraw your bitcoins earnings whenever you want. Minimum payout is 0,01 BTC


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NEW UPDATE… All new mining pool shares have moved to 600 days and the ClubCoin giveaway is now at 1 ClubCoin for every $5 USD worth of Bitcoin you spend (full shares only). We also just started our first new Binary period that will pay $200/cycle for every 15 Credits Left + 15 Credits Right. You can cycle up to 10 times per day depending on your rank.


Mining goes very well:



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First bitcoins earned. Mining starts after 10 days.



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Mining Pool Update
Date: January 18th

Our mining pool is now up and running with over 11 PH in our Iceland facility and we are working out the final details with BitFury to ensure the additional 13 PH is stable and secure. We expect this to be live within the next day or so and we also expect to see an increase in attacks to our pool when we go online so we are preparing for this now!

We wanted to let everyone know the current mining payout that we started yesterday and will run through the next 9 days is our lowest to date. This is only temporary and you should not be alarmed because we are about to see a huge boost over the next 10 day period when all the new power is LIVE.

Unfortunately we had two things happening over the past several weeks… First, we were delayed in getting new power online (out of our control, but an issue none the less), and second our membership has been growing very fast with new members joining. So in other words we had thousands of new shares entering our pool while the power stayed the same. In the same time frame the difficulty has been jumping very high so of course the payout is going to be low!

Since we payout the average of whatever is mined over each 10 day period we just wanted to give you full warning that the next 9 days will be very low! We hope you can understand why and realize it will always bump up and down like this.

Company Ranks…

We wanted to share some numbers about members who are moving up in the ranks. Lately, there has been a very big surge in our Master Builders and it’s very impressive what is happening right now with some of our top leaders.

Here are the current ranking stats…

Total Builders = 287
Total Pro Builders = 52
Total Master Builders = 25

This is pretty amazing to see 25 people already hit the top of the compensation plan and it’s one of the reasons we are making some changes on Feb 1st and introducing our Monster Builder rank. We want to make sure you keep growing and are rewarded for it!

Right now nobody would be a Monster Builder and we would be pretty shocked to see one anytime soon, but you never know. We didn’t think we would see more than 5 Master Builders anytime during this year either.

Thanks for being a BitClub Member!
-BCN Support Team


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Bitclubnetwork – Update

Big Update… BIG NEWS!!
Date: January 14th
We have a lot of good updates today, make sure you read and share this one!
– New mining partnership… HUGE First Order!
– Share buyout options – Want Your Machines?
– New compensation plan pushed to launch Feb. 1st
– Mining contracts move from 1,000 to 600 days on Feb. 1st
– ClubCoin Tier 2 giveaway begins Feb. 1st (Tier 1 expires)
– Other ClubCoin Updates (live price, new stuff, next steps)


New Mining Partnership..
We are excited to announce on behalf of all BitClub Network members we have just struck a HUGE deal with BitFury that will secure our mining future for the foreseeable future. With this contract we are purchasing an initial 48 PH between now and September. These machines we purchased are the most efficient in the world right now, they include the new 16nm chips with a fully enclosed liquid immersion cooling system.
This deal is HUGE for us! We are the first company outside of BitFury themselves to gain access to these machines and the first piece of this power is being prepared as you read this! We hope to see a big chunk hit our pool in the next few days!
BitClub Network is now working with both BitFury and Bitmain who are the top two mining equipment manufacturers in the world. This ensures that we can expand our mining pool twice as fast and keep up with our growth.


Expansion plan over the next week…
At the moment we are waiting on another 3 PH to go live in our Iceland facility, which should be online by the end of the week. We had some holiday delays but the full 11 PH should be hashing very soon.
We are also adding an additional 13 PH that is coming online from our BitFury deal. This will put our pool at a total of 24 PH, which triples the size of it today.
We want thank all of our members for believing in us over the past 17 months, it’s all because of YOU, that we have been able to position ourselves in the market like we have. Our pool is now growing at a rate the market can’t comprehend or keep up with. We are leveraging the power of YOU! A crowd funded Bitcoin mining pool that pays everything back and so far it’s working!
This is something to get REALLY EXCITED about because we couldn’t imagine starting the year off any better!
Mining Share Buyout Options…
As we expand we are also strategically selling older equipment and upgrading to the newer machines. Each upgrade continues to save us A LOT of money as we become more efficient with our costs and deployment. Right now our S5 Antminer machines are nearing the peak of their value and we are going to be liquidating them over the next few months.
Most pools or miners would tell us we are crazy to sell these now because they are still very profitable to mine with and combined with our cheap power we could easily hash these for most of 2016 (maybe even the entire year).
However, we are going bigger, faster, and cheaper and as a member we want to give you the opportunity to get these machines because you paid for them! This is basically an offer to get a refund by taking possession of your purchased power.


New Compensation Plan – Live on Feb. 1st
We are pushing back the new compensation plan to February 1st because it makes a lot more sense to go live at the same time the mining contracts move from 1,000 to 600 days, and at the same time the ClubCoin giveaway expires for Tier 1 and moves to Tier 2. These three things are all tied together through our invoicing system and it will give us a nice date to start fresh on all 3.
So, this also gives you another two weeks to lock in your shares at the 1,000 day time frame with our Tier 1 ClubCoin giveaway.
The comp plan will be ready to go on Feb 1st and we will be replacing the old compensation plan page with this new one.
Right now for every $1.00 worth of Bitcoin spent on purchasing new shares (not valid for partial shares) you receive 1.00 ClubCoin. Starting February 1st this moves to 1.00 ClubCoin given for every $5.00 worth of Bitcoin used to purchase full mining shares.
More ClubCoin Updates…
So far launching ClubCoin has been great! We already have a market cap on the coin of over $13 million USD based on the existing supply of 81 million coins currently trading around $0.17 USD.
You can actually see the LIVE price on your ClubCoin page now, and at the top of each page you will notice the total value of your ClubCoin in USD too.
If you would like to sell your coins or buy more you can open an account very easily on Bittrex. We are seeing a lot of members buying from the exchange and then sending back into their virtual wallet to stake in the pool. (which is pretty smart, but it must be done manually). Soon we will have this process fully automated so you can deposit directly and use BitClub as your ClubCoin web wallet.
We are also working on A LOT of really cool features that will start to come online….

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Is BitClub a Ponzi Scheme?

NO! A ponzi scheme has no product, it’s just a money game set up to pay people with other people’s money and eventually it will crash and burn because there is no real money being earned from any outside sources. BitClub Network has a REAL opportunity for anyone to purchase mining equipment and earn profits from what is being mined. We strive to be very transparent about our mining and you are able to track everything on the blockchainand see our Mining pool running live. This is what we love most about Bitcoin… You can’t trick or fake it, everything is recorded in a public ledger for everyone to see


My investment:


How to invest (how I did it)

  1. Buy bitcoins (I bought it on
  2. Make your own blockchain address (
  3. Transfer the bitcoins to your blockchain address.

Go to Funding -> Withdraw -> Bitcoin (XBT)


Then you have to create a new address with your blockchain address. Enter your Bitcoin address and a description (I think you can enter whatever you want, I enterd my name)



There are three mining pools:


If you purchase the founder pool package you participate on all three mining pools and get in addition clubcoins (now 1 clubcoin = app. 0,20 €)


Benefits of bitlcubnetwork: you earn a small amount of bitcoins on a daily basis. Mining is running for 600 days.

You can withdraw your bitcoins after you have earnd 0,01 bitcoins.


You can join bitclubnetwork here


Please, only invest with money you can afford to lose. I made an invest in bewisetrader and lost all my money. I cannot promise that bitclubnetwork will make you profits. 


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