FUTURENET – The new and better Facebook? With a potential to earn a lot of money

What is Futurenet?

It is a social media platform, it looks like Facebook, it has same features as Facebook, you can meet with friends, chat with them, upload videos, pictures etc. But the different thing is, you can earn money by using it.




How you can make to most out of it?

There are different business plans. You don’t need to buy one, you can use Futurenet absolutely free, but if you want to earn real money, then you should consider to upgrade. Why? Because when you invite friends and they upgrade then you get commissions.

You can only start with 10$. But you have to keep in mind that you only get commissions for your referals up to the level on which you are. If you are on the first level with only 10$ and one of your friends sign up with 100$, 500$ or even more, then you only get commissions for your 10$ level.








Please watch this short video to get an idea how it works and what you have to do, in order to be sucessfull. It is not hard.


Here is the marketing plan, to see what is possible:

You can register for free and read how you can best start an earn money:


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