Inplay Scanner Trading Ideas

Hi, the 2016/17 season is about to start soon in europe, so I thougt I open a site, where we can collect some trading strategies based on the inplay stats from the inplay trading tool.  Feel free to share your ideas if you like.

strategy 1)

What we look for:

  • a home favourite with odds below 2,00.

With the inplay scanner it isn’t hard to find such favourites even if you have no idea who the teams are. You can see the starting odd below the current odd, for example Boys Sports Coy are now leading 3:0 and was priced before kickoff with 2.48.



  • away team is leading with one goal, e.g. 0:1 or 1:2.
  • a high pressure index, e.g. above 40/45/50.

The pressure index is a combination of shoots and ball possession. The higher the numbers the more action is in the game. You can look out for a high pressure index of the home team, which can mean that they are strongly searching for the equaliser or you can look out for a high pressure index on both sides, which can mean that the home team wants to score the equaliser but also the away team has some chances, so it is an open game, it goes up and down.


  • when to place bets? after 75-80 minutes.
  • what to do? Lay the away team. Odds should be 1,5 or below depending how strong the home favourite was (for example with 10€). And second, make a dutch bet on 1:2, 2:1 and 0:2. (with 5€)

So we need a least one goal. The best case would be that the home team scores first. Then you can green up or take out your risk on your lay away team bet. And then you often have some minutes left for another goal which would be either 2:1 or 1:2 which we backed in the correct score market. 

Hope you like it and can make some profits. You can get the inplay scanner for 39£/month or for a 14-days trial for 20£ here


If you have a trading idea and want to share it so we can discuss it and make some suggestions to improve it write it in the comment section. I would be glad to read some strategies.

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Inplay Trading Bot Test – Coming Soon


I soon will make a test concerning an inplay trading bot which uses certain inplay stats in order to place a bet.

What do you need?

  • An inplayscanner subscription.
  • A betfair account
  • A VPS provider

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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Inplay Scanner

A new (not really new, 2-3 months) feature: pressure index chart. The pressure index chart shows the shots as well as the ball possession during minutes played for home and away team.



IPT  14 Days Offer: 10.00 GBP for the first 14 days, then 20.00 GBP for each 14 days. This will be live until midnight tomorrow.

You can test the inply scanner here.


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Inplay Scanner Example

No goals today despite a huge amount of shoots on and off target, corner kicks and a pressure index of 52:18 I guess it is often better to choose games in which goals are already scored, e.g. a 1:0 or 0:1.




You can get the inplay scanner here.




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Inplay Scanner Example

Here is an example how you could use the scanner. Curzon Ashton was a 1,46 favourite and 1:2 back. But they had 11 shoots on target, 10 shoots off target and 13 corner kicks. I laid Belper Town at 1,5 and 1,25 and backed Curzon at 11.


In the 90. minute Curzon scores the 2:2, which was also the full time result.




With a good money management, discipline and a strategy, the inplay scanner is a great tool for your daily inplay trades.

You can get the inplay scanner here.




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