Need a betfair account? Maybe easysportbet is something for you.


What is easysportbet?

You don’t bet on the real betair platform, but odds and money volume are the same as on betfair. 





What about commissions?

You pay 2,5% on wins and also 2,5% when you lose. Overall it will be 5%.


Can I use a betting software?

No, unfortunately you cannot use one. Easysportbet is interesting for people who like to gamble or like to trade but don’t need to use a software to do it. 


Deposit and withdraw options?



Who can join easysportbet?

Unfortunatley easysportbet is not open for Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy.


You can join here. Within 3 minutes you are able to access all betfair markets and start winning (hopefully). 



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