Football Trading Alerts


What is FTA?

It is an inplay trading service. It’s from the same guys, who run the Inplay Scanner. All tips are sent to your email-address. 

What stakes do they advise?

Advised trades range is from £25 to £35 per game. But Nothing stopping users halving, doubling, tripling stakes.

Do they trade out of the advised trades at any point?

That’s a personal choice but our trades can be left to run until the end of the game

I’ve joined tipping sites before and lost money, how is this different?

All we can say is for 12 months we’ve only had 1 losing month and profits have consistently ranged between £250-£400 with one month returning £1121. The strategies employed and used have been tested, tweaked and approved over the 12 months.

Here are some results of this month:


Here is an example of how it looks like:


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