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It is saturday afternoon, you enjoy your weekend and wanna bet on some inplay football games. But there are dozens of them at the same time. So, which one is the best to get involved in? Which one suits best for the good old Lay The Draw, in which one can we expect a late equaliser, or in which one can the underdog  suprise by winning the match against a big favourite?


With the Inplay scanner you get a quick overview on every inplay match including statistics about shoots on goal, shoots wide, corner kicks, cards and ball possession.


You will probably say now, all this is available for free on every bookie site. That is surely true. But let me explain some adavantages of the scanner.

With the Inplay-Scanner you have all games on one site. No tiresome clicking trough them one after another just to recognize that this game offers no betting opportunity or value at all. Besides that you are able to filter the games, for example show me every game with a current correct score of 0:0.


Or you can set your filter like this: current score of 1:0 and the odd of the home team is not higher than 1.35. By the way, all odds are betfair odds in real time with no delay.


If you want to add a minimum amout of shoots on goal, there is a filter for this too. From the originally 3 games with a correct score of 1:0 above is only one left, which has minimum 7 shoots on goal. In this way you can limit the games to the only important ones for you.


You can set four filters how you like and as many you like. There are filters for Over/Under 2,5 and Correct Score as well. If you want to see all games with a current odd of 2.00 for Over 2,5 goals, the inplay scanner lists every game as soon as it meets this criteria. There is also a litte sound signal when a new game appears so you don’t miss one.


A great new feature is called the pressure index. It shows you  if there is some action during the last 10 minutes or not. The higher the number, the more the team invests in their attacking. This will give you an idea if a goal of one of the teams is likely or not.

For example, a game is currently 0:0 in the 80th minute and the pressure index for both teams is low. This could be an indicator that both teams are satisfied with a draw and therefore it is maybe better to avoid betting on over 0,5 goals. But if the ciphers are high for one or even both teams, you can probably consider backing one of them to win the game or simply lay the draw, so you can profit if any of them scores a late goal.


It is also possible to break down the stats by first and second half, so you can see if the action probably all happens in the first half and in the second half the game is fallen asleep, so you don’t want to get involved in the game by backing on goals, or maybe all of the action takes place in the second half after a boring first half.


If you hover over one of the ciphers, the exact minute of the incident, e.g. a shoot on goal or a corner, is shown.


In my opinion the inplay scanner is an awesome little helper for inplay football trading. As we all know there is no guarantee when a team is highly superior to another that this team will win the game. But the inplay scanner helps you to spot such games numerously during a day with dozens of football games. And if you find some good value games, you much likely will end up the day with a profit.


If you don’t have already a strategy to follow, you get seven ideas how you can set your scanner. All strategies can be saved, so there is no need do define the parameters everytime when you open the scanner.


One month for £29, three months for £75 or six months for £135 (equals £22,5 per month)

You can get access to the inplay scanner here! There is no software to download, the inplay scanner runs in your browser.



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