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On January 16th – 19th, Recyclix participated and acted as one of the official sponsors at the EcoWASTE 2017 exhibition organized as part of Abu Dhabi sustainability week in UAE, resulted in continuous business activity and new partnership offers.

New Year started off with another breathtaking event for Recyclix, the EcoWASTE 2017 exhibition, held as a part of the Abu Dhabi sustainability week, and turned to be a great opportunity to introduce Recyclix to the Middle East. The result was beyond expectation; during these four days of exhibition Recyclix received perspective partnership offers and promising collaborations, both from private and governmental sector. Recyclix has already scheduled follow up meetings with investors and partners from EcoWASTE 2017 in its offices in Europe, and it is already clear today and can be proudly announced, that Recyclix is looking forward to expanding to the Middle East area. It is planned to start the construction of the new plant in Abu Dhabi by autumn of 2017, that way becoming even more recognized on a global scale.

Planning its expansion to the Middle East area Recyclix also looks forward to setting its facilities in the South America, starting from Brazil. This February Recyclix has already set up the agenda for a business trip to estimate the possibility of entering the market. It is going to be a busy week meeting the Mayors of several cities in Brazil and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the location, discussing future plans with the investors, observing land plots for the facilities and even meeting with students of Production Engineering faculty considering an internship in Recyclix, Poland.


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