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Which Premier League team covers most of their asian handicap lines? Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester Udt.? No, it’s Burnley. They won 19,5 of their asian handicaps. Manchester City and Manchester Utd. only 10,5. That are the worst numbers in the PL. 

And which one in Spain? Barcelona, Real Madrid? It’s Espanyol, second place Villarreal, third place Alaves.

Or which team in italy gets the most yellow cards? AC Milan with an average of 5,67 per game.

I want to show you one of the greatest football statistic sites, where you can find such statistics and many more. Click here


What are the features of the site?


  • Different tables for Asian Handicap, Corners, Cards, Referee, Shots etc.




  • Last matches (sorted by home and away; up to more than 100 games); not only for asian handicaps, but also for corners, cards, shots. 


  • Matches against similar teams (not only for asian handicap, but also for corners, cards etc.)


  • Additional filters (penalty, red cards, half time score, handicaps)


  • Many leauges (from England to Finland and a lot for more)


  • Previews



  • Price and planed features


You can test it 3 days for free here.



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